Watch Care

To ensure the longevity of your Lineage watch so that it can last for generations, we recommend maintaining it regularly and following some basic care practices as outlined below.

Cleaning Your Watch
Dirt and oil may accumulate on your Lineage watch from time to time due to normal wear and use. You can wipe down your watch using the microfiber cloth included with purchase or another lint-free cloth you may have. If a more in-depth clean is needed, remove your bracelet from the watch and use warm water and a soft toothbrush to clean the case and the links on the bracelet.

Winding Your Watch
The Legacy collection, which is powered by an automatic mechanical movement, will continue operating due to daily wear until its power reserve expires. To reset or get out of the power reserve mode, set the time by winding the crown of the watch. Avoid winding when you start to feel any resistance as you do not want to damage the spring by overwinding the movement. Also, we advise setting the time by moving the hands forward rather than backwards.

Water Resistance
All of Lineage’s watches are equipped with water resistance, but the extent and depth of the water resistance depends on the collection. For example, the Destiny Collection has a water resistance of 5 ATM (or 50 meters), while the Legacy Collection has a water resistance of 10 ATM (or 100 meters). Please be mindful of your watch’s water resistance. If you are using a leather band, avoid getting it wet as it can damage the leather.

Lineage provides after-service care for all of its watches, as well as free battery replacement. We recommend servicing your Legacy watches every five (5) years to ensure optimal performance. Please avoid opening your watch, especially since doing so will void your Warranty. If your watch malfunctions, is damaged, or requires service, please contact our Customer Service department at for information on how to service your watch.

While Lineage’s watches are equipped with anti-magnetic properties, we still advise you to keep your watches away from magnets as they have the ability to damage your watch. If you watch slows down or stops after magnet exposure, please contact our Customer Service department at

Avoid Extreme Elements
While Lineage watches are built with quality materials to withstand the elements, we still recommend you avoid exposing your Lineage timepieces to extreme heat, humidity, or extended exposure to direct sunlight.

Also, though Lineage watches feature anti-shock technology, we advise you to avoid wearing your watch during high-impact activities, especially since dropping your watch or inadvertent impact can damage your timepiece.

Chemicals and Perfumes
We advise you to keep your Lineage watches away from harsh chemicals (like cleaning supplies), colognes or perfume, and even substances such as lotion. These materials can cause build-up of dirt or other debris in your watch and bracelet. Also, these substances can damage your leather bands by weakening the leather, drying it out, or causing it to tear. When applying cologne, perfume, or lotion, please be sure that the surface is dry before putting on your watch.